Start Working Smart with Eventleaf API

Eventleaf API (Application Program Interface) enables users to develop custom integrations between Eventleaf event management platform and their everyday business systems. These systems may include CRM software, expense tracking software, marketing automation system, and other applications that your company uses to manage its customers, vendors, contractors, employees, and day-to-day business operations.

Why Integrate

More than 80% of enterprise business operations leaders agree that data integration is crucial to continuing operations. When it comes to event management, integration can provide the following major benefits.

Why Integrate
Streamline Business

Streamline Business Processes

The average employee uses at least 9 apps just to get routine jobs done. A lot of time is wasted shuffling between apps, doing nothing but copy-pasting. Eventleaf API allows you to have all the data you need in the application you and your teams are comfortable using.

Reduce Chances of Error

People make errors and omissions. Software doesn't. When managing your event manually, there's a chance you could forget to reply to an email or send an invitation to a wrong email address. Integration moves data across apps and automation puts the data to use, requiring no human input.

Reduce Errors
Better Business Decisions

Make Better Business Decisions

The quality of your decisions depends upon the quality of the data that you have available at the time. Integration delivers all the relevant data from multiple sources where you need it, when you need it. Companies that base their decisions on data are 58% more likely to exceed their revenue targets than companies that don't.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

A high emphasis on data integration results in an average revenue increase of 5.32% and a 10% decrease in overall cost. If you are a data-driven company that deals with events, you can use Eventleaf API to integrate event data with your staple software and make your office teams more productive.

Improve Productivity
Customer Experience

Uplift the Customer Experience

Data integration allows you to offer a smooth and personalized experience to your staff, attendees, customers, exhibitors, and vendors. You can push and pull the required data between Eventleaf and the apps that they use. Create a linear workflow that saves you time and money.

Eventleaf Integrations

Developers can utilize Eventleaf API to integrate event data with other software solutions and automate business processes. Automation can save companies 10 to 50% of the time and cost incurred on manual processes. You can access the API and start the development right away or contact Eventleaf Support if you require assistance.

Integrate with Eventleaf

API Use Cases

Eventleaf offers a range of APIs to provide convenient access to your event data:

Fetch Registration Data

Get attendee registration data, including their selected sessions and packages, directly into your accounting system, CRM, access control, security, and other business systems.

Gather Registration Data
Contact Lists

Synchronize Contacts

Keep Eventleaf contact lists in sync with your membership system, CRM, and address book. Create custom lists and offer personalized pricing and targeted packages for different segments.

Access Financial Data

Sync registration fees payments, refunds, and dues with your CRM or accounting software. Share real-time transaction data with your accounting staff in the system they have always used.

Financial Data
Find Registrations

Search for Attendees

View attendee information in your CRM, access control, or other business systems. Search by name or get a list of all attendees at a specific event.

Process Orders

Send automatic confirmation when a booking is received. Process the payment in your accounting system and automatically email attendee badges. Use Eventleaf API to create a frictionless attendee experience.

Process Orders