Conduct Live Polls

Eventleaf allows you to ask live poll questions and display poll results in real-time during an event. This way, you can create a dynamic interaction between you and your attendees, whether you're organizing a real-life or virtual event. Show response graphs and display results that are visually pleasing and informative.

Post Polls

Use the poll creator to create and post different types of polls. Ask poll questions with multiple-choice or simple yes/no answers. Simply prepare your polls before the event and have them ready to post during the event.

Post Event Polls
Respond To Polls

Respond to Polls

The Eventleaf Guide App allows you to react to poll answers as attendees answer. Simultaneously conduct event polls and event management without breaking a sweat.

Display Results

Display real-time graphs as attendees respond or save results and display the statistics after everybody answers - you decide. See the poll bars go up and down in real-time and create a sizzling interaction between you and the attendees.

Poll Responses
Polls Report

View Reports

You're sure to collect informative data nuggets using Eventleaf's poll maker. Analyze and check poll results after the event to ensure you don't miss out on vital data that will help you improve your future events. Share the acquired data with colleagues and business partners.