Help Attendees Find Accommodation

Include hotels on your event page to help attendees find accommodations during your event. Include hotel details, instructions and pictures via Eventleaf online event management portal. Optionally include a direct booking link, if one is available.

Add Hotels

Simply add a hotel profile, fill in the information you would like to include, and the hotel will be added to your landing page for viewers to review and contact.

Event Hotel
Event Hotel Booking

Link To Hotel Booking

If you choose to include a hotel room reservation link, a book-now button will appear within the hotel profile. If rooms are available, your attendee will be directed to a booking page for the hotel and can select a room. You can also choose to include book-hotel button in your event registration confirmation email via Eventleaf online event management portal.

Source Hotels

Eventleaf partners with leading hotel rooms and venue space providers. Our partners have thousands of leading hotels all over the world in their network. Eventleaf online event management portal makes it really easy to create an RFP in less than a minute and submit it to our partners and track the progress.

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Event Hotel Sourcing