Share event attendee data with Lobbytrack visitor management so that when they visit the facility they are already in the system. Schedule visits, book spaces, print badges, and enable touchless self sign-in for event attendees directly via Lobbytrack. When integrated, Lobbytrack syncs with the conference, meetings, and events attendee data residing in Eventleaf. Anytime a new attendee registers for an event, their data is updated in Lobbytrack so you can add them to the visitor list.

Manage Event Attendees as Visitors

When you schedule an event in Eventleaf, the attendee details are directly available in Lobbytrack, so you can register them as visitors and offer them a seamless experience. For example, if you held an off-premises enrollment event or orientation session, you can use the attendee data in Lobbytrack to invite them to your facility as visitors, let them access certain areas of the facility, or reserve a meeting room or shared space for them.

Manage Attendees
Schedule Follow-Up Meetings

Schedule Follow-Up Meetings

Invite event attendees to your office for follow-up meetings, briefings or demos. Register them as visitors by accessing their Eventleaf data via Lobbytrack. Book meeting rooms, conference rooms, and parking spaces and guide first-time visitors with floor maps. For example, you can book one-on-one in-person office meetings with customers who attended a dealership event to nurture the relationship.

Arrange Events for Visitors and Employees

You can access visitor history and arrange special events for visitors. If your visitors include your customers, you can access their data directly in Eventleaf and invite them to in-person events in your office or elsewhere. Arrange special events for frequent visitors or set up in-person team meetings or networking sessions for your remote employees.

Access Visitor History
Book Shared Spaces

Book Meeting Rooms & Conference Rooms

Book spaces needed for in-office meetings, workshops and seminars via Lobbytrack. Event attendee data is already available in Lobbytrack, so you can simply book a space and send out a message to attendees via Eventleaf. The attendees you invite as visitors can register and check in via the Lobby App self sign-in kiosk.

Manage a Hybrid Workplace

According to Forbes, 96% of U.S. employees prefer hybrid working. Lobbytrack integration turns Eventleaf into an effective hybrid workplace tool that you can use to arrange in-office meetings for your remote employees. Their data is already available in Lobbytrack, so you just need to create a meeting, conference, or another event and invite them to register.

Hybrid Workplace