Marketo Integration

Whenever an attendee registers for your event on Eventleaf, push their information to your Marketo account automatically. Integrate Eventleaf with Marketo and get all the data you need for marketing without moving a finger. The moment the attendee registers on Eventleaf, the data will be in your Marketo dashboard.

Link with Marketo

Use your credentials to link Eventleaf with Marketo. No need to create additional accounts for Marketo integration with Eventleaf. In only a couple of clicks, you can have your Eventleaf integration in Marketo.

Link With Marketo
Map Fields with Marketo

Map Fields

It can be impossible to juggle data from countless attendees across multiple platforms. Eventleaf allows you to map fields and ensure the information stored in Eventleaf is the same as in the Marketo app.

Stay in Sync

Why add data manually when you can have Eventleaf do everything for you? Whenever an attendee registers on Eventleaf, the data is pushed to your Marketo account as well. All you have to do is go to Marketo and let the platform do its marketing magic. For further assistance, you can check our Marketo Integration How To.

Stay in Sync