Eventleaf Virtual Event Platform

The Eventleaf virtual event platform has everything you need to make your next virtual event a success! Start by designing a professional, modern event registration website. Include virtual break-out sessions with speakers and sponsors. Professionally live stream your virtual event or play pre-recorded videos. The Eventleaf platform provides a robust set of proven marketing, design, streaming and social networking tools.

Create Virtual Events

Create events with detailed information and presentation material that can be easily accessed on a mobile phone via Eventleaf Guide App. Allow attendees to manage their personal agenda and choose the online sessions and webinars that they are interested in. Attendees can easily add their personalized agenda to their calendar.

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View Event Information

Conduct Webinars

Schedule and stream webinars using the platform of your choice, such as GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, WebEx and Zoom. Attendees can register for the sessions they are interested in watching. Restrict webinars to attendees that registered for it. Attendees can join webinars via a web browser or using their mobile phone by running Eventleaf Guide App. Track webinar attendance, send post-webinar surveys to those who attended and issue completion certificates.

Stream Live Video

Stream live video presentations to registered attendees using the platform of your choice, such as YouTube. Attendees can watch the video feed using a web browser or on their mobile phone by running Eventleaf Guide App. Run a report on who watched the video, collect ratings and feedback from the attendees.

Live Stream Video
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Integrate with Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx

Integrate your virtual sessions with any of the leading video conferencing platforms, such as, Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx. Only allow the registered attendees to join the session. Also track who attended the session.

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Integrate with YouTube, Vimeo

Integrate recorded video presentations of webinars and trainings hosted on any of the leading hosting platforms, such as, YouTube, Vimeo, with virtual sessions. Control who can view the video and also track who watched the recorded video.

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join virtual session

Join Virtual Sessions from Email

Include list of virtual sessions an attendee has signed up for in their confirmation email. Allow attendees to join virtual sessions by simply clicking on a join button in their email.

Add Virtual Sessions to Calendar

Confirmation email sent to attendees include list of virtual sessions they have signed up for. Below each session there is a link to add the session to their choice of calendar. That way they don't miss any webinars or presentations.

add virtual meeting to calendar
join virtual presentation

Join Virtual Sessions from Event App

Attendees can use Eventleaf Guide App to view their own agenda and see session details. Attendees can simply click on a join button included in the session details to join a live or recorded video presentation.

Social Networking

Allow attendees to network with each other via built-in messaging tools where attendees can chat or schedule meetings. Create social networking hashtags and have attendees share messages and pictures using Eventleaf Guide App.

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Message Each Other
Conduct Surveys

Conduct Online Polls and Surveys

Carry out live polls during online presentations and webinars and view the live results in real-time. Attendees can respond to polls via Eventleaf Guide App. Presenters can also use the Guide app to post polls and show the real-time results on a shared screen. Send follow-up surveys to your attendees to gather feedback after the event is over.

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Watch Video

Watch a short video highlighting various Eventleaf virtual platform features.