Zapier Integration

Busy Eventleaf users can now create simple automations to perform repetitive tasks that slow them down. Do you feel you're wasting time scurrying between apps and basically copy-pasting stuff? With Zapier integration, you can easily automate your routine event-related workflows across more than 4,300 web apps including Gmail, Zoom, Facebook, Slack, Salesforce, and many others.

Create Automated Workflows in Minutes

Eventleaf users now configure Eventleaf to perform a variety of tasks automatically, such as sending event invitation emails or publishing the event to your Facebook page. Called Zaps, the simple Zapier automations can be created in minutes without having any knowledge of coding.

Create Automated Workflows
Integrate with Desktop Apps

Integrate with Multiple Desktop Apps

There's good news for event professionals. Your Eventleaf platform can now work seamlessly with thousands of web apps. Simply Zap Eventleaf with Gmail, Google Drive, Slack, YouTube, MailChimp, Calendar, and thousands of other apps.

Set Triggers for App Events

A trigger is an app event that leads to an action in another app. For example, you can create a trigger in Eventleaf that is fired when an event is added or updated. Another trigger can be set to go off when an attendee signs up for the event or updates the registration.

Set Triggers
Execute and Action

Execute Automatic Actions in Connected Apps

An action is something you set an app to do when a trigger is fired. For example, you can create a Zap for Gmail to automatically send an invitation email when your event is published or updated. Conversely, you can execute an action in Eventleaf that gets triggered by an event happening in some other app. For example, you can build a Zap that registers an attendee when their form is submitted in HubSpot.