Attendance Time Tracking for PDH and CEU Calculations

If you are organizing a continuing education seminar or accredited professional certification program where you need to log hours for each attendee, Eventleaf is the software to use. Eventleaf Check In App now has a check-out feature that allows trainers or admins to sign out attendees from specific sessions in a CE seminar or training. The system tracks the professional development hours (PDH) for each session and attendee. You can export the timelog into a spreadsheet and use it to calculate the multiple types of CE credits including:

  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
  • Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE)
  • American Council on Education (ACE)
  • National Association for Continuing Education (NACE), and others

What are Continuing Education Units

Continuing education is a mandatory requirement for professionals to maintain their license in many fields. These may include engineers, architects, teachers, insurance professionals, designers, educators, healthcare practitioners, social workers, and others. CEUs or continuing education units measure the hours of participation in a CE program. The International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) describes the CEU as equivalent to ten hours of participation.

What Are Professional Development Hours (PDH)

Simply put, Professional Development Hours or PDH are the actual minutes or hours that a participant spends at a continuing education class, course, seminar or event. The PDH are used to calculate CEU or other types of credits used in various accreditation or certification programs. In most cases, one hour of a training event equals one PDH.

Professional Development Hours
Cloud-Based Software

Easily Manage Continuing Education Seminars

Eventleaf is a cloud-based event software application that makes it simple to organize and manage CE seminars, CPE conferences, and other types of training events. Just sign into the Eventleaf website and easily create your event registration website, complete with your conference's agenda, presenters, sessions, and more. Invite prospective attendees, register them online, and check them in and out of training sessions using the Eventleaf Check In App.

Automatically Track Professional Development Hours (PDH)

The Eventleaf Check In mobile app logs the entry time when you check in attendees at a CE seminar or conference. Once the session is over, the trainer can check out the attendees using the Check Out button. Eventleaf automatically calculates the contact minutes and professional development hours (PDH) for each attendee. You can export the PDH data and use it to calculate CEUs.

Event Manager

The All-in-One App for Managing All Types of CE and CPE Events

Eventleaf is one of the best apps for managing CE conferences, seminars, training sessions, workshops, and other types of events. It allows CE companies and corporate organizations to track the hours of participation for each attendee and each session in a continuing education course. It also offers all of the essential features to manage your event from start to end.

Invite and Register Participants

Create a registration website for your CE course or conference and invite potential participants to register online. You can easily design different payment plans and collect participation fees online.

Respond to Polls

Inform and Engage Attendees

Using the Eventleaf Guide app and Attendee Portal, participants can interact with each other, with the event's content, and with the trainers or instructors. They can respond to polls and surveys and ask questions in live Q&A, increasing the training value and ROI.

Check In and Check Out Attendees

Confirm participation and check in participants at a CE seminar, conference, course, or training. Eventleaf starts clocking the minutes of contact as soon as you check in an attendee. Check out participants when a session ends and the app stops tracking the time.

Check-In Attendees
Check-In Attendance Log

Generate CEU Reports

Generate an up-to-the-minute accurate report of the professional development hours (PDH) or contact hours. You can use the time logs to calculate CEUs and help your professionals maintain their licenses and certifications.

Watch Video

Watch a short video highlighting the features of Eventleaf's Check-In Attendance Log and how it can be used to track time for CEUs.