Eventleaf: The Modern Solution for Event Check-in

As Eventbrite gained popularity as a platform for event registration and ticket sales, the need for an on-premise check-in app and badge printing solution became apparent. Boomset emerged as a prominent app to fulfill that need, serving as a valuable complement to various event registration platforms. However, when Boomset was acquired by Hopin in 2021, the decision was made to discontinue it as a standalone offering in 2022. This left many event organizers in search of a suitable alternative, and they found Eventleaf to be the ideal solution. Not only does Eventleaf provide a check-in app, but it also offers a web platform for event landing pages, registration collection, an event app for polls, surveys, Q&A, networking, and even a lead retrieval app.

Eventleaf: The Powerful Alternative to Eventbrite, Hopin, and Boomset

Eventleaf has emerged as a popular alternative to Eventbrite, Hopin, and Boomset for a multitude of reasons. While Eventbrite falls short in providing check-in apps and robust attendee engagement features for conferences, workshops, and training events, Eventleaf fills this void seamlessly with their suite of mobile apps. As the world transitions from virtual to in-person events, Hopin's virtual-focused approach no longer holds the same appeal it once did during the peak of the COVID era. Eventleaf, on the other hand, caters to the evolving needs of event organizers by offering a comprehensive suite of apps; a check-in app, mobile event app, and lead retrieval app, all designed uniquely for in-person events.

One of the key advantages of Eventleaf over Boomset is that it encompasses every feature offered by Boomset while providing additional tools to create personalized event websites similar to Eventbrite. Unlike Eventbrite's simple registration form, Eventleaf allows for extensive customization and offers multiple registration paths, conditional flows, and the ability to link ticket selections to specific sessions. This level of flexibility empowers event organizers to curate unique and tailored registration experiences that suit the requirements of their attendees.

Eventleaf stands out as a powerful alternative to Eventbrite, Hopin, and Boomset due to its comprehensive set of features that cater to in-person events. With its robust check-in app, attendee app, and lead retrieval app, Eventleaf offers event organizers a holistic and versatile event management solution through its customizable event websites and a wealth of registration options. As the industry continues to transition towards in-person gatherings, Eventleaf provides the necessary tools and capabilities to elevate event experiences and deliver exceptional results.

Eventleaf Mobile App Suite

Efficient Event Check-in and Versatility

Eventleaf presents itself as a versatile event check-in app that streamlines every aspect of your event. With Eventleaf, you can effortlessly print badges, check in attendees, and manage registrations, all within a user-friendly platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple apps or concerns about compatibility. Furthermore, Eventleaf offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the event experience precisely to your attendees' needs.

Seamless and Engaging Event Experience

Why should you opt for Eventleaf instead of other event check-in apps? Firstly, Eventleaf provides unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. Through customizable badge templates and real-time attendance tracking, you can create a personalized event experience that keeps attendees engaged from start to finish. Moreover, Eventleaf seamlessly imports event registrations from other registration platforms, including Eventbrite, making it an excellent alternative to the discontinued Boomset.

Easy Check-In
Eventleaf Tools

Powerful Event Management Tools

Eventleaf equips you with a comprehensive suite of powerful event management tools, including:

  • Customizable badge templates and printing options
  • Real-time attendance tracking and reporting
  • Automated email and SMS notifications for attendees
  • Custom registration forms and ticket types
  • Secure payment processing and invoicing
  • Feature-rich attendee app
  • Concise check-in app
  • Accessible lead retrieval app

Additionally, Eventleaf offers same-day event support and a wealth of resources to ensure the success of your event. With our personable customer service team, live support sessions, and a robust knowledge base, you can have confidence in your choice of event check-in app and event management solution.

Elevate Your Event Management

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