The Event Badge Printing Software You Should be Using

Eventleaf is not just badge printing software. It is a complete event management platform that allows you to plan and manage your event from end to end. Create your event website, send out invitations, register attendees online, and print event badges on the fly.

What Makes Eventleaf the Best Software for Event Badge Printing

Looking for a free event badge printing app that is easy to use and looks professional? Read on to discover why you should choose Eventleaf.

Custom Event Badge Printing

You can easily customize event badges with your logo, text, colors, and attendee information fields. Looking impressive was never this easy.

Event Badge Design
Automatic Event Badge Printing

Automatic Event Badge Design

The software automatically populates the guest information fields with data collected during the registration. You can also export the badges as a PDF and have them professionally printed.

Print Event Badges in Advance

The badge is ready for printing as soon as an attendee registers for the event. You can print event badges in advance and hand them out before or during check-in.

Print Event Badges in Advance
On-site Event Badge Printing

On-site Event Badge Printing

Want to print badges only for those who check in? No problem! You can print event badges at the venue right from the Eventleaf Check In app using a compatible printer.

Enterprise-Grade Badge Printing

Eventleaf is enterprise-grade event registration software built to manage all types of events. It has every feature you need, including visitor badge designing and printing, registration, ticket sales, and more.

Enterprise Grade Event Badge Printing
Best Event Badge Printing

Better than Other Event Apps

We compared Eventleaf with some of the best event apps out there. Want to know which app stood out? Read event app reviews.

Free to Use for Up To 100 Attendees

You read that right. Eventleaf is absolutely free to use by an unlimited number of hosts for managing an unlimited number of events. Check it out!

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