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Get Eventleaf, the market-proven event check-in mobile app that makes it easy to register and check in attendees, sell tickets, and print attendee badges from your smartphone. Eventleaf Check-In App is a part of a robust online platform that makes event management easy as pie.

The One Event Check In App You Should be Using

Eventleaf Check-In App is the app for event managers. You can use it to access Eventleaf's powerful online platform and manage your event on the go. Here are some of the things you can do on the Check-In App in a matter of seconds.

Check the Registration at the Door

Confirm the attendees' registration by searching for their names in the app or by scanning the barcode on their confirmation email or badge.

Check In Event Attendees
Event Check In App with QR Code

Check In Attendees with One Tap

Check in attendees with a single tap after confirming their registration. What could be easier or faster than that?

Print Event Badges at the Venue

Eventleaf Check In App automatically puts attendees' registration info into visitor badges that you can customize and print. Learn more about event badge printing.

Event Check In App Badge Pringing
Sell Tickets With Event Check In App

Sell Event Tickets from Anywhere

Sell event tickets at the door or just anywhere using our secure payment processing platform, credit card, PayPal, Stripe, and even cash.

Track Check Out

If you are organizing a workshop, training event, or any event where you have a need to track check out and offer attendees credit based on the time they spent, Eventleaf makes this task super easy. Check out attendees on their way out with just one click and check them in again when they return.

Event Check Out
Event Attendance Log

Offer Credits Based On Time Spent

Eventleaf offers all sort of reports and tools to track time spent by attendees at different sessions. View detailed time logs by sessions. Export these logs to work with any other system.

Set Up Self Check-In

Enable Self Check-In Mode and allow guests to sign themselves in by scanning the barcode in their confirmation email on a sign-in kiosk.

Self Event Check In App
Event Check In App in 20 Languages

Select from Over 20 Languages

Give your event a local feel by selecting from the world's most popular languages, including English, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, and more.

Perfect for All Event Types

Eventleaf is the single check-in app you need for checking in attendees into your conference, convention, trade show, open day, interview, workshop, training, and all other events.

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