Maximize ROI with Eventleaf Lead Retrieval App

Pique your exhibitors' interest in your trade show by making it easy for them to capture business leads. Eventleaf Leads App allows exhibitors to collect leads simply by scanning the attendees badges with a smartphone or tablet.

Retrieving Leads was Never This Easy

Exhibitors and vendors can install Eventleaf Leads App on a phone or tablet. They just have to scan attendee badges to capture the info they need for following up after the event.

Simple Lead Retrieval App
Capture Tradeshow Leads

Capture, Rate, and Export Leads

Rate the collected leads based on each client's interest to personalize the followup campaign. Export the leads as a CSV or Excel file and use them with your email program, CRM, and other marketing tools.

Choose from Over 20 Languages

Eventleaf Leads App is available in more than 20 languages to help you localize the user experience. Choose from English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and other languages.

Lead Capture App in 20 Languages
Cloud-based Event Leads App

All-in-One Event Management Platform

Our lead retrieval app is a component of Eventleaf's all-in-one event management system. Use it alongside Eventleaf Guide App and Check In App to manage your event from start to finish.

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