Best Event Management Platform for Non-Profit

Organize seminars, workshops, and online fundraising for nonprofits without overpaying for an event management platform. Ensure quality experience for people attending real-life and virtual events and share the knowledge with the world. Eventleaf is a real-life and virtual event management platform that provides all the tools you need for successful event management.

Nonprofit Virtual Events

Create & Manage Nonprofit Virtual Events

Eventleaf's virtual event management software makes it easy to create event websites for your nonprofit and make your event stand out. Invite prospective participants with just a few clicks and make it easy for attendees to register online whenever they want.

Pay-As-You-Go: Pay What You Use

Eventleaf is real-life and virtual event management software that doesn't lock you in multi-year contracts. With a minimum commitment fee and the pay-per-attendee model, Eventleaf is perfect for both big and small non-profits.

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Nonprofit Pay-As-You-Go Event Platform
Promote Nonprofit Events

Promote Nonprofit Events Across the Web

You don't need to hire a professional marketing agency to promote your nonprofit events. Eventleaf creates engaging snippets that you can use on your website or anywhere else to promote and make it easy for attendees to register.

Keep Your Attendees in the Loop

It's critical to be 100% transparent with your patrons if you're organizing conferences or professional fundraisers for nonprofits. Attendees can easily access all event information and get the latest updates through. Eventleaf Guide App

Nonprofit Event App
Questions and Answers

Organize Insightful Q&A Events

Do you want your patrons to know what your nonprofit is all about and gain their trust? Organize synergetic Q&As and share your passion with event attendees.

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Choose a Language

Your nonprofit patrons can be from all over the world. Select one of several supported languages so your attendees can experience your nonprofit event in their language. Choose between English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish.

Multiple Languages For Event App
Free Event Apps For Nonprofit

Try Eventleaf for Free

Eventleaf's Starter plan is free and perfect for nonprofit events with up to 100 attendees. Set up an unlimited number of events with up to 100 attendees without paying a cent. Try now.