Best Pay-As-You-Go Event Apps for Virtual & Hybrid Events

Many event management platforms lock their customers in annual or longer contracts. This way, customers are forced to pay for event management software throughout the entire year, even if they need it only for two months.

Unlike others, Eventleaf uses a unique pay-as-you-go model where customers (alongside a minimal commitment fee) pay per attendee. This allows you to save money whether you're organizing large virtual events such as a virtual trade show, a virtual fair, or private virtual corporate events

Pay-As-You-Go Event Apps

Pay-As-You-Go: Never Overpay

It's impossible to overpay for Eventleaf's service. Are you organizing a multi-day event or a single real-life or virtual conference? Pay only the exact amount per attendee.

Save Money During Off-Season

If you're running seasonal events, paying a multi-year package for an event management platform is a sure way to waste money. Pay only during the active season and when you organize real-life, virtual, and hybrid events.

Save Money on Event Platform
Event Management for Small Businesses

Built for the Small Business

Small businesses and startups don't have to budget their way to a top-quality event management platform. The pay-as-you-go model makes Eventleaf available to everybody.

Built for the Enterprise

Running a colossal enterprise means that you have to pay close attention to security. Eventleaf uses advanced security protocols and enterprise-grade technology without charging you ludicrous amounts.

Pay-As-You-Go Event Platform for Enterprises
Cloud-based Pay-As-You-Go Event Apps

Secure Cloud-Based Storage

You can access your Eventleaf from wherever you are without worrying that you'll lose valuable data. Connect using a desktop web browser or with your mobile phone.

No Contract, No Hidden Fees, No Risk

You get what you pay. Eventleaf offers flexible plans so that everyone can have access to a state-of-the-art event management platform. Check out our plans here.

No Contracts Event Registration Software
Free Event Apps

Eventleaf Costs $0 to Try

Eventleaf's Starter plan is free for you to use. Set up an unlimited number of events with up to 100 attendees. Create the best virtual events in a couple of seconds. Start now.