Eventleaf How To Guides

How to collect payments

The Eventleaf platform provides event managers the flexibility to collect payments at the venue just as the attendees are checking in. With the Check In mobile app, your on-site event staff can easily register casual attendees and receive ticket fees using a mobile phone or tablet. This guide outlines the steps to collect payments from attendees using the Eventleaf Check In app.

1. Prerequisites

  1. A device with the Eventleaf Check In app installed.
  2. An active event set up on the Eventleaf platform.
  3. Internet connection.
  4. Payment gateway integrated with your Eventleaf account.

2. Set Up the Event and Ticket Feature on Eventleaf Portal

  1. Sign in to Eventleaf.com and select the event for which you want to collect payments.
    ign in to Eventleaf.com and select the event for which you want to collect payments
  2. Click on REGISTRATION STEPS and check that the Registration Types and Registration Options are set up correctly.
  3. Configure the PAYMENT SETTINGS and DISCOUNTS.
  4. Ensure your payment settings and payment gateway (e.g., PayPal, Stripe) are configured correctly under the Registration Payments section.
    Registration Payments

3. Registering Attendees and Collecting Payment

Sign in to the Eventleaf Check In app and select the event and session for which you’re collecting payments.

To register attendees on-site, tap on the register button at the bottom of the check-in screen.

Select the Registration Type and tap on NEXT.

Enter the attendee’s details and tap NEXT.

Choose the payment method provided by the attendee (e.g., Credit/Debit Card).

Follow the on-screen instructions to process the payment. The specifics will vary depending on your integrated payment gateway.

4. Verifying Payment Status

Once payment is completed, the app will show a payment confirmation message.

You can also verify payments by navigating to the attendee's details and checking the payment status.