Eventleaf How To Guides

How to configure a session to allow Q&A's

Eventleaf allows you to configure Live Q&A's by adding moderators to each session. Once enabled Attendees are allowed to ask questions.

Go to Event > EVENT INFO > Agenda Tab > Click applicable Session title

  1. Go to Event Info

  2. Click Agenda

  3. Click Session title


Scroll the page to the section of Moderators. Click + to add moderator email address > Add. To add more than one moderator click + sign again

  1. Click + to Add Moderator

    Add Moderator
  2. Enter moderator email address

  3. Click Add


Moderator should also be registeredas an attendee in order to access the Event app & moderate questions.

On Mobile app:

  1. Download the Mobile app - Eventleaf Guide app

  2. Moderator to Login to the app using email address with which you have registered for the event.

Login Process:

  1. Enter registered email address (attendee email)

  2. Enter Login password

First time users are required to create a new password.

New passsword New passsword

Process to enable Q&A:

  1. Once logged in search and access the Event

  2. Click Agenda

    Agenda Agenda

  3. Click applicable Session title

  4. Click Moderate questions

    Moderate questions Moderate questions

  5. Click Accept Questions toggle to enable/ disable Q&A

     Accept Questions

    To use Q&A in more than one session, you should enable it manually for all applicable sessions through the app