Eventleaf How To Guides

How to create virtual sessions for Zoom, GoToMeeting and other streaming platforms

Eventleaf allows you to create virtual sessions and attach meeting links generated through video conferencing solutions like Zoom, Go to Meeting, and other streaming platforms.

To create a session go to Event > Click Agenda > Click Add Session > Enter Session title > Enter Session date & time > Add

  1. Go to Event

  2. Click Agenda

  3. Click Add Session

    Add Session
  4. Enter Session title

  5. Enter Session date

  6. Enter Session start & end time

  7. Click Add

    Session start

    Upon receiving successfully added message scroll down Virtual Session section

  1. Under Virtual Session check "Allow attendees to attend this session online"

  2. Enter virtual Session URL "Required" in case of a virtual session (Zoom link, Go to Meeting link, etc.)

  3. Configure "Join Button" text label (this text will be shown in confirmation email and Guide app)

  4. Enter Join instructions if applicable

    Join instructions

Joining a virtual Session (3 options)

Option 1: Attendees Joining a session from web

Once registered, attendees can login to post registration pages through "Manage Registration" link received on Confirmation email > Click Agenda Tab > Click Join Session

  1. Click Manage Registration

  2. Click Agenda tab

  3. Click Join Session

    Join Session

    Join Session

    Join Session

Option 2: Attending Joining session through Confirmation email

Attendees can also use Join Session links received on Registration confirmation email to attend sessions.

Attending Joining session

Option 3: Attendees Joining Session via App

On Mobile app:

  1. Download the Mobile app - Eventleaf Guide app

  2. Attendee to Login to the app using email address with which they registered for the event.

Login Process:

  1. Enter registered email address (attendee email)

  2. Enter Login password

    First time users are required to create a new passsword.

    Login password Login password

While Logged In:

  1. Once logged in search and access the Event

  2. Click Agenda

  3. Click applicable Session title

  4. Click Join Session

    Join Session Join Session

    Join Session Join Session