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How to Restrict Access to Sessions in Conferences and Corporate Events

Limited session access may be required for a number of reasons; such as security and privacy, exclusivity, targeted engagement, and space management. Whatever your reasons, you can easily limit access to specific sessions using the Eventleaf event management platform. Here's how it works:

Limiting Access to Sessions: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. 1. Setting Up the Access Limit

    1. Go to EVENT INFO and click on Agenda.

    2. Select 'Add session' to create the agenda item and complete the session details.

      Add session
    3. Next, go to REGISTRATION STEPS > Registration Options

    4. Add the corresponding registration option for the agenda item created previously.

      Add the corresponding registration option

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    5. Set the quantity or number of seats available for the session by entering a value in 'Total Available Quantity' box.

      Total Available Quantity
  2. 2. Enabling Alerts for Leftover Quantity

    For limited-capacity sessions, Eventleaf allows you to alert your alert registrants when the available quantity drops below a certain threshold, just to let them know that they might miss the session if they don't register soon. Here's how you can enable these alerts.

    1. Go to REGISTRATION STEPS > Registration Options and click on the registration option for which you want to enable minimum quantity alerts.

      Enable minimum quantity alerts
    2. Check the box beside 'Show remaining quantity when available quantity drops below' and enter a value. You can leave it unchecked if you don't want to show the remaining quantity.

      Show remaining quantity when available quantity drops below
    3. Go to the Session Access section and click the '+' icon to select and link the session created earlier.

      Session Access
    4. Attendees will now be able to select the session during registration and access to the session will be limited to the quantity set in the registration option.

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