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How to Use Eventleaf Gamification: Eventleaf Guide App

The Eventleaf platform offers simple and effective gamification features that managers can set up in seconds to captivate and maintain attendee attention. With a bit of creativity, Eventleaf can work as a powerful event gamification app that will keep your audience glued to your event.

How Eventleaf Gamification Works

For Managers: You can incentivize attendee engagement by logging in to Eventleaf.com and setting up points for being responsive during various activities, such as Q & A sessions, live polls, surveys, or viewing presentation materials.

For Attendees: Attendees can access gamification through the Guide App, view a leaderboard with the latest points situation and see the winners when the moderators announce their names.

Here's a step-by-step guide to using the Eventleaf gamification feature to keep your audience fully engaged.

1. Pre Requisites

  1. An active event registered on Eventleaf.com.

  2. Eventleaf Guide App installed on attendees' mobile phones.

  3. Gamification Details: Brainstorm meeting or conference gamification ideas or trade show gamification details including activities, points and prizes.

2. Configuring Event Gamification

  1. Access Gamification Features: Navigate to the Games & Prizes tab within the Communications menu of Eventleaf.

    Access Gamification Features
  2. Write the playing instructions describing the activities for which points will be awarded. For example, participants could receive points for contributing ideas during brainstorming sessions or visiting an exhibitor's booth during trade show gamification.

    Write the playing instructions
  3. Assign Points: Assign points for active participation in event activities such as polls, Q&A, and surveys. Also, set up points for viewing event information like sessions, exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors. Decide on the specific activities you want to encourage. For instance, if sponsors want more engagement, assign points for viewing sponsored content.

    Assign Points

3. Engaging Attendees

  1. Inform Attendees: Send a series of reminder emails and / or push notifications to attendees, informing them about the gamification and prizes and encouraging them to participate through the Guide App.

    Inform Attendees
  2. Remind Attendees: To maximize engagement, remind attendees before and during each activity that gamification is on and they should play to win.

4. Awarding Points

  1. Eventleaf will automatically tally points for attendees as they engage with the content.

  2. Attendees can access the gaming instructions and Leaderboard with the latest points situation by clicking on the Games and Prizes tab on their Guide App dashboard.

    Games and Prizes

5. Prizes

  1. Defining prizes: List the available prizes to be awarded and a description of each prize for First, Second, and Third places.

    Defining prizes
  2. In the Eventleaf Guide app, attendees can see the prizes that will be awarded to the attendees with the most points at the end of the event.

    See the prizes that will be awarded
  3. Ensure to offer exciting prizes for winners and promote these prizes effectively to encourage participation.

The meeting could conclude with awards for the most connected networkers and the most innovative thinkers, incentivizing engagement and collaboration throughout the event.

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