How to Select the Best Event Management System

Looking for the best event management system for your conference, tradeshow, meeting, or just any other corporate, government, or private event? You can try Eventleaf for free right now. But, if you have the time to test and compare different apps, here are the factors you should consider for selecting the right software for your event.

15 Things to Consider for Selecting the Best Event Management Platform

1. Suitability for Your Event

The event management system you are considering should have a verifiable track record of managing events similar to yours.

Suitable Event System
Easy-to-Use Event Management System

2. Easy to Use

Make sure the system you select has the shortest learning curve. Even the most feature-rich software is no good if your attendees and staff find it difficult to use.

3. Budget Friendly

Select an event management system that has a clear and transparent pricing structure. If the provider does not provide upfront pricing, you might be in for an unwanted surprise.

Economical Event Management System
Cloud-based Event Management System

4. Globally Accessible

The best event management systems are connected to the cloud. You can access them through your phone or laptop from anywhere and manage your event without getting tied up.

5. Event Website

Make sure your platform and payment plan include a free website for your event. Also ensure that the site customization process is easy and intuitive.

Event Website
Online Event Registration

6. Online Registration

Almost all contemporary event management systems allow participants to register online. Just make sure the registration process is simple and professional looking.

7. Event Notifications

Does the event management system allow you to send event updates and notifications to registered users? Make sure it does.

Event Notification
Online Event Payments

8. Online Ticket Sales

The platform must allow event managers and hosts to sell tickets and accept payments online using multiple secure payment methods.

9. Attendee Self Check In

When at the venue, attendees should be able to check themselves in without hassle. The event management system should have a dedicated check-in app for the purpose.

Event Self Check In
Event Badge Printing

10. Event Badge Printing

The software should automatically create customizable event badges from the information attendees provide during registration.

11. Mobile Friendly

The platform should be easy to access via mobile and optimized for a smooth mobile user experience.

Mobile Event App
Event Management System Integrations

12. Integration with Other Platforms

The system should be able to integrate with video conferencing apps, visitor management systems, CRM, and other systems as required.

13. Virtual Events

Virtual events are the new normal, so your event management platform should be able to handle virtual and hybrid events, in addition to in-person events.

Virtual Event Platform
Lead Retrieval App

14. Lead Collection App

Your exhibitors want to collect leads from your event. The best event management systems allow exhibitors to capture the attendees information simply by scanning their cards with a mobile device.

15. Abstract Management

Invite people to submit abstracts for your upcoming conferences and events. Review, rate, accept, and import submissions into the events.

Don't have the time to compare ten different platforms? Try the event management system that has it all.

Abstract Management

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