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How to create check-in agreements for events

Seamlessly integrate check-in agreements into your attendee check in flow with the Eventleaf Check In app.

Incorporating check-in agreements into an event registration app offers a proactive approach to addressing potential challenges and ensuring smoother event execution. Look more professional as you ramp up event security and provide attendees more clarity and transparency. Try check-in agreements now.

Check In Agreement

How Check In Agreements Work

Eventleaf's Check-In Agreements allow organizers to highlight the key points of their event's terms and conditions to attendees when they're signing in, so they know the potential risks and their confidentiality or safety commitments related to the event— and the organizers have a remedy if they face an eventuality.

Organizers can easily create check-in agreements by going to the General tab in their Event Info and assign different agreements to different sessions and check-in types. For example, you may require the attendees of one session to sign an NDA while asking the participants of another session to sign a safety agreement.

Once Agreements are enabled, the attendees will be required to agree to or acknowledge the displayed terms when they are checking in using the Check In app, both during assisted and automated self check in.

How to Enable Check In Agreements for Your Event


  1. Event organizers can easily enable the feature by logging into Eventleaf.com and selecting the event for which they want to implement agreements. Just scroll down to the bottom of the General tab and click on the plus (+) sign under Check In Agreements. Enable check in agreements
  2. Follow the instructions to add a new agreement. Enter the title of the agreement and customize the text. You can also customize the Acknowledgement statement that the attendee will see and agree to. Add check in agreement
  3. On the same page, you have the option to enable the agreement for specific registration types and sessions. Check in agreement for sessions
  4. Make sure you customize all options, Eventleaf will automatically save all changes and the agreement will show up under the as a link under the Check In Agreements section at the bottom of the General tab as well as under the Check In App section on your Apps Dashboard. Check in agreement in check in app
  5. The agreement is now enabled and attendees will be required to sign it before they can check in. Sign Check In Agreement