Best Event Management Practices

Eventleaf provides the tools necessary to successfully plan all kinds of events. To best use these tools, you will need to sharpen your event planning skills and understand how other top users have been able to turn their events into appealing and engaging presentations. Learn what skills are necessary to run your event. Study checklists used by top planners to help them organize their events. If you are looking to start an event planning business, then you may want to see what you will need to ensure success in that industry, as well as what other players and production companies you may utilize to help you on your way to the top. Finally, learn how to develop a successful business plan for your fledgeling event planning business.

Alternatives to Hopin

Alternatives to Hopin: 3 Event Management Platforms Compared

With the recent sale of Hopin, many event organizers are left looking for alternatives. In this article, we compare three popular event management platform alternatives to help with the decision.

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5 Check-In App Replacements for Boomset

Discover the top five alternatives to Boomset for reliable event check-in apps, and find out why Eventleaf stands out as the best choice, offering streamlined check-in, real-time attendee tracking, enhanced attendee experience, and a user-friendly interface. Explore the must-have features for a good check-in app, and compare the ratings and reviews of popular options.

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Check-In App
Event Management Skills

Event Management Skills That Help Run Successful Events

A successful event planner needs a specific set of skills. Check out what are the top event management skills essential for running successful events.

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Event Planning Business Startup Checklist

Starting an event planning business can be a daunting task. Check out the event planning business startup checklist that will help you with your new event planning endeavor.

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Planning Business Checklist
Business Plan

How to Write an Event Planning Business Plan

An event planning business plan is a great way to get investors and clients looking. Check out the quick guide to writing an effective plan for an event planning business.

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The Event Planning Checklist Used By Top Event Planners

Every successful event consists of numerous small steps. Check out the event planning checklist used by top event planners that helps them organize great events.

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Event Planning Checklist
Hybrid Event

Best Production Companies for Planning Virtual or Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are a combination of in-person and virtual events. To organize the best hybrid event possible, check out production companies that can help you out.

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How to Run Successful Events in 2022

Are you having difficulties adjusting your event planning for 2022? Read tips to help bring your event management and planning back to its feet.

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Success in 2022
Top 10 Features for Event App

10 Features Your Event Management Mobile App Must Have

There are certain things your event management mobile app needs to be able to do for you. Here are the top 10 features your event mobile app needs to have covered.

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Mobile Event App for Successful Events

The success of your event can come down to the quality of your event's mobile app. Having a strong app with the features you need can help take your event to the next level. Here are some things you need to look for in an event app.

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Succesful Event Mobile App
In Person Event

The Return of In Person Events

In-person events have always had a leg-up over virtual events; networking and face-to-face contact is at the core of a good business. There is good news for 2022 - in-person events are back on the menu!

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Selecting the Right Event Registration Platform

There are many different factors that should be considered when selecting the registration platform for your event. You don't want to select a platform that doesn't have your needs covered, but also may not want to have extra features cluttering your user interface either.

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Online Event Registration Platform
Attendee Portal

How to Increase Audience Engagement

Whether you're managing a virtual, hybrid or an in-person meeting or conference, attendee engagement is one of the key factors that determine the success of your event. Eventleaf offers a mobile app and an online portal to help you boost attendee engagement.

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Affordable Event Management for Non-Profits

Looking for an easy-to-use event management platform that is cost-effective for your non-profit organization? Look no further than Eventleaf - we offer all of the essential event management features that you need need at an affordable price catered to you!

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Non-Profit Pricing
Grand Rounds

Revolutionizing Grand Rounds

Experience the revolution in university grand rounds with Eventleaf, the cutting-edge event management software that streamlines registration, communication, and dynamic presentations, while fostering real-time audience engagement and collaboration.

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